Instructions for Attending Synchronous (Live) Webinars

For the North American Materials Colloquium Series at

  1. You must be an authenticated user of Zoom to join the webinar. Many universities allow you to log into Zoom through a university website (preferred method). If not, you may create an account for free:
  2. If your university requires attendance, the email address for your Zoom account must be a university email address (e.g., [email protected]) in order for us to report your attendance to that university. If you log into Zoom with an account that corresponds to a different email address (e.g.,, your attendance will not be counted.
  3. Go to the URL (provided by your university) a few minutes before 3 p.m. ET on Thursdays (beginning September 10) or 4 p.m. ET on Fridays (beginning September 11). The webinar address is not posted on the internet. Your university will make it available to you by email or through your course management system.
  4. The content of the seminar is the same on Thursdays and Fridays, but the Q&A, attendees, and moderators will differ.
  5. Participants will be added to the webinar as an “attendee”. Participants will not be on camera, and their microphone will be muted.
  6. The format for the webinar is as follows:
    • The webinar will begin with a live introduction of the speaker.
    • Each speaker has prerecorded their talk ahead of time to limit technical difficulties. The speaker will be available to answer questions typed in the Q&A while the presentation is playing. In addition, the speaker will be available to answer questions after the presentation is finished playing.
    • After the seminar is played, the moderator will read brief Q&A questions to the speaker, but attendees with more involved questions can request access to their microphone to ask a question by either raising their hand or by indicating this preference at the end of a typed question in the Q&A.
  7. If you have difficulty logging into Zoom through a university account, please contact the appropriate support personnel at your university.
  8. For administrative questions, please email Penn State Professor Suzanne Mohney at .
  9. For technical difficulties DURING THE EVENT ONLY, please email Trevor Schofield .