Welcome to the North American Materials Colloquium Series (NAMCS).

It was our pleasure to showcase some of the best and brightest senior graduate students and post-doctoral scholars in the field of materials science and engineering during the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semesters. This highly selective series provided visibility to future leaders in the field. Thirty-five universities in the United States and Canada took advantage of live webinars or asynchronous talks as part of their regular seminar series or promoted talks within their campus materials communities.

Many institutions are eager to resume seminars in person in August after a long hiatus. We plan to reevaluate interest in a monthly webinar later in the year.

Thank you,

The NAMCS Committee

Suzanne Mohney
The Pennsylvania State University

William Baeslack
Case Western Reserve University

Eric Lass                              
The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Swami Rajaraman                                
University of Central Florida

Pavan Kolluru
Texas A&M University